[Mobile Suit Gundam 0083] Annabel Gato:The great dialogue of the battle captain

`Kidō senshi Gandamu 0083′ no teki no mein kyara no anaberu gatō no serifu o atsumete mimashita. Watashi wa anime o nando mo mite imashitaga, muzukashī kotoba o tsukatta serifu ga ōku nani o gatō ga hanashite ita no ka yoku wakarimasendeshita. Son’na muzukashī serifu ya inshōninokoru serifu o shirabetanode, kono pēji de kaite ikitai to omoimasu. Don’na bamen de gatō ga sono serifu o hanashita no kamo kaite imasunode, anime no sutōrī ni mo furete imasu.Desunode, kono pēji no naiyō wa `kidō senshi Gandamu 0083′ no netabare chūidesu.

I collected the words of Annabel ・ Gato of the main character of the enemy of “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083”.

I used to watch anime many times, but I didn’t really understand what Gato was talking with many words that used difficult words.

Since I examined such difficult words and words that remain in impressions, I would like to write on this page.

It also describes the story of the anime, as it also describes in what scene Gato spoke the line.

So, the content of this page is a note of “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083”.


What kind of person is “Anabel Gato”?


It is a rival character that opposes “Kou · Uraki” of the Earth Federation, the main character.

After the end of the “Zion” vs. “Federal Earth” battle, which is called the one-year war, the remnants of Zeon will fight against the Commonwealth again for the goal.

The Zeon’s remnant “Anabel Gateau” crept into the Earth Federation’s base, stealing Gundam 2 with a nuclear warhead, and carrying out a mission called “Star Scrapping”.

From the Earth Federation, it has been called “Solomon’s Nightmare” from the first battle of the Gateau in the one-year war, and has a name in history.

We devote absolute obedience to the thought of the Zeon, a monarch, and fight against the Earth Federation with high charisma and unique cause.

Let’s write the name of the gateau serif. (The prejudice came in quite how to choose the name serif.)


“Oh … this Annabelle Gato waited for three years. It was like those of you who are innocents will get in the way of our ideals!”


From “Episode 2 Endless Pursuit”

It is a line of speech when Gato steals Gundam 2 from the base of the Earth Federation and engages with the Earth Federation.

The Earth Federation is peacefully blurred, and Gato successfully succeeds in stealing Gundam 2 from the base of the Federation.

Gateau warned the Federation at first that “Allied test pilots should have first-class skills,” but it can easily break into the Federation.

“I was fighting with these kind of fun guys,” says Gato.

However, Lt. Banning, who has experienced a one-year war, takes Lt. Allen, the hero Kou Uraki, and fellow Keith to find and chase on Gateau.

It is a dialogue in the middle of fighting with the hero Kou.

“Oh … this Annabelle Gato waited for three years. It was like those of you who are innocents will get in the way of our ideals!”

The meaning of the word “indifferent” is “action not thinking enough about things”.

Gateau, of course, does not have a good image of the opposing Earth Federation.

It is a word that raises the ideal of Zeon to federal soldiers who are working in the federation without thinking.

“We’re grabbing the true liberation of spacenoids … the evil curse from the earth is my sword of justice!”

Gateau, who speaks strange ideals, is embarrassed by Lt. Banning and Ko.

The meaning of this series of words in Gateau is “belief?” Kou says that Banning returns “I have good words for me”.


“You will be an officer! If you are not just a soldier, look at things globally!”


From “Episode 2 Endless Pursuit”

Similarly, it is a line of speech when Gato steals Gundam Unit 2 from the Earth Federation and fights with the Earth Federation.

It is a line I like personally.

It is a line that was said when Ko-Ulaki, who had no actual experience in the test pilot, was fighting with Gato.

An officer is “a synonym of an officer who means a soldier who is more than a minor”, and in a narrow sense is an officer who mainly belongs to the military department in the army and is in charge of commanding a unit.

The meaning of “overviewing” is “to grasp things from the whole point of view. To consider things in consideration of the whole aspect.”

Ko returns “Hey, yes …”. Gato says, “Oh … I’m an enemy!”

Somehow, I like the difference between the peace-blurred Earth Federation test pilot and the gateau called Solomon’s Nightmare.

After that, Gateau says, “Yeah, I understand! After all, if there is no sign of the Federation, nothing can be done …”.

It is an interesting exchange for Gundam 0083.

Even after that, Gato told Ko: “I have a tongue that speaks to you! I am a man who can not even understand the meaning of fighting!”

From Ko’s point of view, he is just a federal pilot because he likes Gundam.

“Yes, there’s a black thing on that belly …. Even though it’s always a win, it’s not the one who brings light to this universe. It will surely make a glorious glorious dione in the future”


From “Earth Episode Gundam, To the Sea of ​​Stars”

This is the word I used to talk about when I was first introduced to the Lord Delaz’s Fleet, my fellow betrayal, Cima Gharahau, when I was first introduced to the Lord Delaz’s Fleet.

Gato brings the second Gundam to the fleet of Lord Delaz’s Fleet.

At that time, she will meet Cima and be introduced to the De Laz Fleet.

Sheima talks to Gateau a little, but the attitude was not very good.

Deraz also understands the humanity of Cima, but admits the ability.

It is a word that Gato told Delars after Cima left the place.

Gateau says, “Kill me! Why are you like that ?!” Delars said, “I’m sorry I didn’t want to add Cima while you were away. You

After that, Gateau said, “Yes, there is a black thing in that belly …. But, even if it is a thing of the victory, it is not a person who brings light to this universe. Let’s return.

Because of his serious character, Gato had not only hated Cima, but also had the foresight that he expected to betray him later.

After this, Delars described the gateau as being false, saying, “The one who produces the cause does not stick to small things.”

The cause is “meaning loyalty to the state and the monarch. Minor things mean little things.”

I think it means that “Gateau who tries to live up to Zion and Deraz’s, don’t stick to the little things like bad attitude like Cima”.

“To raise the ideal of Zion again! For the fulfillment of the stars of the stars! Solomon! I have returned!”


From “The 9th Episode: The Nightmare of Solomon”

I make this page with a little good impression on Gateau, but if you look only at the dialogue, it will look strange.

But this line is a line in the famous scene of Gateau.

The Earth Federation, while afraid of the De Laz Fleet, will carry out a watch-and-go event.

A large fleet of Earth Federations will be held in one place.

The Earth Federation intends to show the power to Deraz by carrying out this watch ceremony as usual.

It is an operation that strikes the place where this large number of fleets were gathered, the nuclear bomb mounted on Gundam 2 unit.

It is a line when Gato uses nuclear weapons in it.

“To raise the ideal of Zion again! For the fulfillment of the stars of the stars! Solomon! I have returned!”

This will be part of the Star Waste strategy.

Before the launch of this operation, Gato talks to his fellow Carius:

“Karius, I’m good with this? Many souls drifting back here. I’m standing on many sacrifices …”

“It will be the fate of the commander. This sea is still young. To make the waves calm, it is …”
I will return.

However, just before launching a nuclear bomb, he is self-affirming that “the time to wait has come-for the proof that many British spirits were not dead dead.”

I’m a little crazy.

“But I will not beat me against the one who supports the battle with only jealousy! Because I am rising by righteousness!”


From “Tenth Episode: A Battlefield”

It is a line that seems to be Gato.

He uses nuclear weapons, sinks a large fleet, and says, “But what else there is no love … this is what it means.”

“That sleeves feel” means, “Even if you easily defeat your opponent. Even if you easily hit a weak enemy, even if the sleeves of the crinkly sleeves touch slightly, the enemy will be defeated immediately.” You

From the Gateau, which was called Solomon’s nightmare in the one-year war, it would be easy to defeat the observation-based fleet.

The main character, Koura Uraki, fights again with Gato after this.

It is exchange of conversation at that time.

Gato talks to Ko.

“All the beginning of the battle is rooted in the wolf … of course!”

“But I will not beat me against the one who supports the battle with only jealousy! Because I am rising by righteousness!”

“I do not know to the man who fights as a gear!”

“It seems that you have a different sense of values ​​than Mr. Takatoshi …”

The exchange of this line is a line that feels that there is a legitimacy of Gateau, since Ko-Ulaki belongs to the state where the Earth Federation is corrupt.

But how about a nuclear attack? .

I don’t know what Gateau’s “being done by righteousness” says, but it is true that Ko and Uraki “are fighting as gears”.

This is also a line that will become clear later in the animation.

“Cima … Insects in the eggplants!”


From “Twelfth Episode: Assault, Blocking Limit”

Cima turns over to the Commonwealth and targets guns to Delars Fleet to take over the fleet.

Gateau sees and talks from the window through Neuesiel, who is boarding the scene, and Cima, who is directing a gun to Delars, who is in the fleet.

“Cima … Insects in the eggplants!”

I personally said that this word is a difficult line too.

The term “worm in the body of a lion” is a word that originates from an insect that infests the body of a lion and eventually brings the lion to death. The meaning is “a person who does harm while inside an organization etc., or a person who repays his favor.”

After this, Sheima says, “Huhfkhoff, don’t move, Gateau.

Delars says, “Sorry … I was trying to lead an uninterested person, it was my own failure!”

It seems that Gateau was right.

The scene where this Cima betrays is also the main event at “Gundam 0083”.


“It’s not Jabrow. … you don’t know.”


From “Earth Episode 13 Run Through”

As it is the scene in the final round, there are a lot of famous dialogue of Gato, but I gave this.

The colony removal to the earth was the purpose of the true star scrap operation.

Gato will go to the colony’s engine room for final adjustment, dropping the colony to Earth’s military base Jablo.

There is Nina Purpleton who is a former lover and a lover of the hero Ko · Uraki to there.

Nina persuades Gato to stop dropping on Jablo.

At that time, Gato will drop it to Jablo, but Nina will give the words, “Not Jablo … I don’t know you.”

I also do not know properly, but does it mean to drop it for something that inherits the spirit of dione or to drop it for other scattered fellows?

“Our accomplishment will result in those who follow us. It is this last trajectory correction.”

Because Gato also speaks the word.

After that, Nina and Gato exchange these words.

Nina asked, “Why? Why did it appear before me again? That day you suddenly disappeared.”
“I wanted to forget everything,” Gateau said, “I entrusted myself to the moon, and I was just waiting for the time to be full.”

Talk with

Nina replied, “I was about to forget. No, I forgot!”
Gato says, “I entrusted myself with the revival of Zeon.”

I do not understand the meaning of words deeply, but I also feel that this is a good scene.

“When I was just waiting for the time to come,” Gato knew that after the battle ended with the victory of the Earth Federation, the Star Scrapping Operation would take place, while associating with Nina Is that what you were waiting for?

Is it correct?

“You may be a true witness of stardust”

Gateau speaks the word to Nina. Kou appears in the scene and strikes the gateau with a gun.

While shooting with a gun, Gato pulls the final adjustment lever to Jablo.

Nina helps Gato and disappears from there.

“I’m almost addicted to it, so I want you to leave me alone.”


From “Earth Episode 13 Run Through”

Gato escapes from Ko’s muzzle with the help of Nina.

Gato leaves the spot together while being supported by Nina.

Then, Gateau says, “I’m almost addicted to it, so I want you to leave me alone.”

This is a scene that, unlike the Earth Federation, feels the mascot of Gato.

It is a scene where three people who are in love have to fight against each other in a triple relationship.

So, did you want to leave it alone?


If you belonged to a rotten federation, you would not suffer as well


From “Earth Episode 13 Run Through”

Gateau awaits to ride in Neuezyre to fight one-on-one with Ko and Mobile Suit.

There is also an exchange of love with Nina, and I talk to Ko such a line as I have been allowed to escape from the gun.

“If you belonged to a rotten federation, you would not suffer too.”

And Ko and Gato confront each other.

If you write too much, the spoils will be too much, so I will not write about what happened here.


Is that okay? It breaks through even a lot, and arrives at the Axiz fleet. To convey our true battle to the future!


From “Earth Episode 13 Run Through”

Stardust operation was not completely implemented.

Gato finally chooses to drop to the Earth Federation as defeated, letting his allies choose to return to the Axiz fleet.

Gateau wants to tell in detail to allies of Zeon what kind of thing happened.

What did the Earth Federation do?

The Earth Federation is actually working to hide this war after this.